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Apparently we’re on hiatus around here, although I’m not sure if it’s still a hiatus after months of inactivity.  Anyways – not that it’s a great excuse – but working has gotten in the way of blogging, and especially interferes with making excursions to find interesting photos for the blog.  Maybe when I’ve built up a collection of pictures again I can start posting them, til then … apologies for the break.


National Martyrs’ Memorial


The National Martyrs’ Monument in Savar, just outside of Dhaka, honors those who were killed in the Liberation War.  The Monument was constructed between 1972 and 1988.  Around the main monument are 10 graves of unknown soldiers from the Liberation War.

Roadside tea stall


A tiny little tea stall on the side of the road near or house. Note that this is actually built on stilts, suspended over the drainage ditch.  Once again, they manage to make use of every possible open space in the crowded city.


I pass this outdoor barber stand on my way to work each day. It looks like the barber does a brisk business, offering both haircuts and shaves. I think he charges between a dollar and two.

Rickshaw Rest Stop

This is a roadside restaurant for rickshaw drivers and others who are looking for the basics – bananas, bread, and a cigarette. (Others nearby offered slightly more filling options, including eggs and noodles.) Because of the food price increases, rice has become unaffordable for people at the lowest income levels – like rickshaw drivers. They might only eat bananas and biscuits after pedaling their rickshaw around all day in the sun.

Gulshan Circle

We had lunch in a restaurant overlooking Gulshan Circle 2 today, so I could take some semi-aerial pictures of the circle. Only half of the actual circle in shown here, to give a little bit more detail. This was lunchtime on a Sunday, the first day of the workweek here. (We were off for Columbus Day. Thanks Columbus!) Anyways, you can see tons of people waiting for the bus, and get a general idea of the traffic flow.

High-tech Hospital


This is Apollo Hospital in Dhaka. One of the newest and nicest hospitals in Bangladesh, it is a branch of an Indian-based chain. The treatment and facilities are quite good, including advanced technologies such as an MRI machine and CT scanner.

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